About us

Boland ground baits are produced in Poland by top international and Polish national champion angler, Bogusław Bruda and his tom Tomasz and imported to the UK by ourselves. The ingredients are sourced personally by Bogusław himself and used to create the high quality ground baits and products anglers now associate with the Boland brand. Although well established in Poland, this brand is relatively new to the UK and in the short time it has been available, the products have gathered a huge following.

Our products appeal to all disciplines of course fishing and have quickly gained a large following by match anglers, and we are now proud to announce that we sponsor a number of high profile teams, as well as individual anglers. Not only have the products appealed to the match scene, but have become very popular with pleasure anglers and anglers requiring large quantities of quality ground baits at great prices when going on fishing holidays.

This website gives you the opportunity to explore the wide range of products available including: ground baits, additives, leams, pure fishmeal, liquid flavourings and Boland clothing. In addition to the products provided by Boland, we have sourced a wide range of pole and whip floats which can also be purchased through our site.

We are continually searching for new, high quality products that will compliment Boland ground baits and hope to be releasing in the near future a range of swim feeders, braids, low stretch-monos and other feeder fishing related products.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and enjoy the success that thousands of anglers across the UK and Europe are now experiencing using Boland products.

Please visit my facebook site Boland England Groundbaits to view customer feedback and reviews.

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